Neapolitan Mastiff Breeders

Adult Neapolitan Mastiff dog
Adult Neapolitan Mastiff dog

Well-known as huge and powerful guardians, Neapolitan Mastiffs, which are sometimes referred to as Mastinos, are astounding in appearance and completely intimidating to strangers. Yet, when these dogs are bred appropriately to inherit the best genes, they are just as sweet and docile to their owners as they are threatening to intruders. Therefore, the best Neapolitan Mastiff breeders spend loads of time perfecting lineage to ensure they are capable of offering puppies that are award-winning and incredibly valuable to the owners who eventually take them home.

Neapolitan Mastiff Breeders take great pride in their breeding programs and go to great lengths to bring these majestic guardians to life. Through careful selection of the dame and sire, examination of dame and sire ancestry and health, and numerous testing procedures, they are capable of providing clients with Mastinos who become inherent members of the family. We have full faith in our puppies because our breeders have done the work to make sure they are exactly what clients expect from a well-bred Neapolitan Mastiff—and in many cases, far more.

Neapolitan Mastiff Breeders Work to Achieve Desirable Physical Attributes

There are specific physical traits a Neapolitan Mastiff breeder works to achieve with their puppies. Some of the most noteworthy physical traits of the breed include:

  • A massively sized head and face
  • Hanging wrinkles and folds of skin, especially around the face and legs
  • A furrowed forehead with prominent ridges
  • Reliable color patterns, such as solid black or blue or brindled
Neapolitan Mastiff stud dog on a leash
Neapolitan Mastiff stud dog on a leash

In addition, the breed should be bred to stand up to its “health-hardy” reputation. Therefore, both parents must have a strong lineage free from some of the typical breed health concerns like hip dysplasia or cherry eye. Careful evaluations are performed of the dame and sire’s hips, elbows, eyes, and cardiac health.

Working to Carry On the Rich Neapolitan Mastiff History

Mastinos look a little like creatures who have entered a time machine and traveled from the distant past, and in all truth, they really have. It is suspected that the Neapolitan Mastiff has been around since 700 b.c. and there are ancient artifacts from civilizations in ancient history that tell the story of the breed’s rich history. As a Neapolitan Mastiff breeder directory, it’s our job to keep the quality of this breed alive and well for the present and for future generations. The only way to achieve this is by appreciating the history of these canines and following qualified breeding practices.